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In this episode, Devyn is joined by veteran Army officer, mother and gun owner Joy Turner to discuss the Atlantic article Responsible Gun Ownership is a Lie
September 15, 2021
Welcome back! I needed a little break to rest and restore and I’m so grateful for your continued support during that time.   In this episode I get interviewed by Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist @thee...
July 28, 2021
Turning 40 like me? There’s a new term for us; Geriatric Millennial   Anxious about re-entry? Here are some ways...
May 17, 2021
April is Alcohol Awareness Month.  Click the link for the CAGE questionnaire to screen for alcohol misuse disorder.   Devyn will be speaking at the No...
April 5, 2021
  What to Bring Pillow Candles/incense Blanket/yoga mat Rolled towel Pen and paper/journal
March 13, 2021
Yesterday, my mother passed away peacefully from congestive heart failure.  February is Heart Awareness Month.  Last year, my mother was a guest on the podcast to discuss her personal heart failure jo...
February 9, 2021
This episode, Devyn is joined by Courtney Stallworth, maternal and newborn RN, lactation specialist and childbirth educator to discuss preparing for pregnancy.  How old is “old” to conceive?  Home or ...
February 2, 2021
This episode, Devyn shares her personal experience with fibroids and open myomectomy as well as her experience receiving the first of two Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.   Happy New Year!!!   Easily and pri...
December 29, 2020
Real talk about the COVID19 vaccines with day one friend Darryl Trainor and guest Jenique who is participating in the Moderna trial.   Moderna Vaccine
November 30, 2020
Feeling down from time to time is completely normal.  When that feeling lingers despite your best efforts, it might be deeper than down.  Devyn discusses depression this week and how to get help if yo...
September 14, 2020

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